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Google For Startups Founders Academy

We are super excited to announce that will be part of the Founders Academy! At Oatfin, our mission is to enable software engineers to deliver cloud applications faster through self-service automation. We do for software engineers what self-checkout does for retail stores. …

While working on , one use case we just finished implementing is using Github to allow users to sign up and login for the . Users can now easily login with Google, Github, and Gitlab.

Our default login is also password-less meaning a user can login with just an email…

If you’ve ever had to deploy an application in the cloud, then you know the pain of cloud infrastructure, whether that is AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud.

The process is not only manual and tedious, but also time consuming. While there are some solutions like CloudFormation and Terraform, it’s very…

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enables companies to deliver cloud applications faster by helping transition from manual processes to self-service automation.

Our app empowers teams to deploy, monitor, scale and secure their apps quickly without the overhead of writing and maintaining manual scripts which can take weeks. We started with automating AWS…


Cloud infrastructure automation.

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